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Reusable bags are becoming increasingly well-liked today and are good for the environment because the materials used to create eco-friendly bags are recyclable and reusable. We offer the highest-quality eco-friendly bags at the greatest prices available on the market right now.

Why are cotton totes better ?

Since plastic bags are not biodegradable, materials persist for a very long time and enter the food chain, affecting the health of all living creatures. In comparison to a plastic bag, a cotton bag is more durable because it can be reused more frequently.

How do we get a quotation for an Inquiry?

You can mail or call us. Our sales executive will contact you.

What is the MOQ on different styles of bags?

MOQ varies from model to model. Please contact with specific product querry.

What kind of bags are manufactured by the company?

We manufacture a wide range of eco-friendly, sustainable bags made with long-lasting fabrics. Company manufactures bags ranging from shopping bags to new age totes & a range of organisers, packing cubes, pouches, laundry bags, beach bags & office stationery.

Can you do customised bags/ orders?

Yes, We do customized designs.

What methods of printing do you offer?

Screen printing, Digital printing & Roll printing. We also do machine embroidery
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