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Our History

BagWorld is a group company of Ujwal Retail Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which has paved the way for luggage retail over the last 22 years. The company operates retail outlets for Samsonite across Chennai, Delhi & Puducherry. With the creation of BagWorld, the company has ventured into manufacturing.

We have all end-product manufacturing processes in house at our factory in Thirumazhisai, Tamil Nadu. The factory is SEDEX/SMETA certified and has the ability to process orders of upto 500000 bags every month. .

Meenu Gupta


Kamakshi Gupta


Our Sourcing

  • We procure our textiles from family owned, and certified mills to ensure that they are produced with the welfare of the workers in mind. We place the utmost value on our fabric suppliers’ adherence to the strictest manufacturing guidelines and their creation of a good workplace for all employees. We can provide certificates for the fabric on demand.
  • We place strong quality checks over the materials procured and ensure minimum damage.

About Our Factory !

  • In 2022, we set up our new factory in Thirumazhisai, Tamil Nadu. we have a staff of 70 working there. The factory has been audited by SGS for SEDEX/SMETA.

  • We pride ourselves on being run entirely by women,  We ensure we hire local women and train them in order to provide fruitful employment

  • The factory houses all the requisite departments ranging from stores, CAD, cutting, sewing, printing, finishing, packing, and dispatch. 

Our Products

  • We ensure that our eco friendly products work exclusively with natural and sustainable fabrics. Our efforts for the same have led us to work with organic cotton, repurposed cotton, hemp, banana, bamboo, and jute fabrics. We manufacture all kinds of textile bags, with an emphasis on eco friendly totes and shoppers. 

  • We have introduced a wide range of products for living, dining, kitchen, and bath spaces under the label of Beyond Beleaf. The range is developed with hemp & bamboo only. We believe that hemp is truly eco friendly fabric in the future, and this is our attempt at bridging a small piece of the future to everyone’s lives and homes.

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