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Back Pack

The Backpack Patchwork Collection offers trendy and eco-friendly backpacks made from printed canvas. Each backpack features a unique patchwork design with vibrant colors and patterns. They provide ample storage, durability, and comfort, making them a fashionable and sustainable choice for carrying your essentials.

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Fabric : Printed Canvas
10 inch x 4.5 inch x 11.5 inch
Strap – 60 inch x 1.5 inch

🧩 Express yourself with a patchwork masterpiece! These backpacks feature a collage of vibrant prints and patterns that make a bold fashion statement.

🎨 Be a walking piece of art! These backpacks showcase the beauty of patchwork, combining different textures and colors to create a truly unique masterpiece.

🌈 Fashion meets function! These backpacks not only add a vibrant touch to your style but also offer durability and practicality for your daily needs.

🌟 Carry your essentials sustainably! Made from eco-friendly materials, these backpacks showcase the beauty of patchwork while promoting a greener lifestyle.

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