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Hemp Bedsheet-Topaz Green

Topaz green hemp bedsheets are a sustainable, durable, and comfortable bedding option. They are made from the fibers of the hemp plant, which is a highly sustainable crop. Hemp is a natural, breathable fabric that is both soft and luxurious. It is also naturally temperature-regulating, making it a good choice for people who sleep hot or cold. Topaz green is a vibrant and elegant color that can add a touch of luxury to any bedroom..

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Measurement :
Bedsheet-102 inch x 94 inch
Color: Topaz Green

Sustainability:-Hemp is a very sustainable crop. It requires less water and pesticides than cotton, and it can be grown without the use of herbicides or insecticides.

Durability-Hemp is a very strong and durable fabric. It is naturally resistant to fading, shrinking, and pilling.

Breathability:-Hemp is a very breathable fabric. It allows air to circulate freely, which helps to regulate body temperature and prevent sweating.

Softness:– Hemp is a soft and luxurious fabric. It becomes softer with each wash.

Hypoallergenic:-Hemp is a hypoallergenic fabric. It is less likely to trigger allergies than other fabrics, such as cotton.

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