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Newspaper Bag

The recycled cotton newspaper bag is an eco-friendly and durable option for carrying newspapers and magazines. Made from recycled cotton fibers, it reduces waste and provides a stylish way to transport your reading materials.

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Fabric : Canvas
7.5 inch x 12 inch
Handle – 15 inch x 1 inch

📰 Make a sustainable statement with our Newspaper Bag, crafted from recycled cotton, repurposing old newspapers into a fashionable and eco-friendly accessory.
🗞️ Enjoy the lightweight and durable nature of the recycled cotton material, providing a practical and long-lasting solution for your everyday needs.
🌟 Stand out from the crowd with this one-of-a-kind accessory, as each Newspaper Bag is unique with its own pattern of recycled newspaper prints.
🗞️ Become a trendsetter with the Newspaper Bag, combining fashion-forward design and environmental awareness into a single accessory.

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