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Laundry Basket

The recycled cotton laundry basket is a sustainable and eco-friendly option made from discarded textiles. It’s spacious, durable, and has handles for easy transportation. The soft material is gentle on clothes and adds a natural aesthetic to any space. Choosing this basket helps reduce waste and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

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Fabric : Recycled Cotton Twisted Yarn
17.5 inch x 14.5 inch x 5 inch
Handle – 52 inch

🧺 Spacious and practical: Offers ample space for storing and organizing a significant amount of laundry.
👕 Gentle on clothes: The soft cotton material minimizes the risk of damage to delicate fabrics.
🎨 Unique and one-of-a-kind: Each basket is crafted from different fabric scraps, resulting in a distinct and individualized design.
🌍 Reduces carbon footprint: By choosing a recycled cotton basket, you contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions associated with traditional manufacturing processes.

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