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Recycled Cotton Bag

Rediscover fashion with our Renewed Recycled Cotton Bag. Crafted from repurposed materials, it’s a sustainable statement piece that combines style and consciousness. Carry your belongings with eco-friendly flair and make a positive impact on the world.

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Fabric : Recycled Cotton
15 inch x 3 inch x 16.5 inch
Handle – 18 inch x 1 inch

🌈 Stand out from the crowd with this vibrant bag, showcasing the colorful tapestry of recycled cotton that tells a story of sustainability and creativity.
♻️ Unleash your eco-fashionista side with our Renewed Threads Recycled Cotton Bag, a visionary masterpiece that repurposes materials to create a stunning accessory.
💚 Be a trendsetter in sustainable fashion, confidently rocking this recycled cotton bag and inspiring others to rethink their fashion choices for a better future.

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